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Summer training April - August, 18:00 at Nuttall Park.
Winter training Sept - March, 18:30 at PlayFootball in Bury.

Welcome To Woodbank U12 Blacks

Our philosophy in the U12s team is one of competition and development. We want to develop players who are skillful, expressive, creative players, yet also players who have the mentality to work hard, defend, tackle and who have the willingness to play "all" the game.

We want to see players compete, to be working hard when they have and don't have the ball. Players are encouraged to build out with play, to play through the thirds, to dribble with the ball, to be expressive and creative, to take risks and be confident. Yet is we lose the ball, or are defending, we must all be focused on defending and doing their part for the team in this way.

Development also focuses on the enhancement of player mentalities and competitive spirit. This is our beliefs and approach. Training sessions should be intense, we embrace competition, love skill and expression. We play to win in a style that we can enjoy and which can entertain, and we measure our success as a team on these questions -

  • Did we play our way?
  • Did we meet our individual/team targets?
  • Did we play within the spirit of the game?
  • Did we win the game?

Anybody wishing to join the team please contact Matt for further details.

Woodbank U12 Blacks are proudly sponsored by the http://www.safecellgroup.com/

For league news and fixtures please visit Bolton Bury & District Football League Website and
The FA Full-Time League Website

Training times

  • Day: Thursday, 18:30
  • Venue: PlayFootball Bury


Bernard Lawson Coach
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Your Soccer Attitude is a Choice

It’s so easy to have a great attitude when you’re playing great soccer.

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